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Google Analytics is a great tool for measuring site performance, but all too many sites install it and then never look at the info.  We’ve found that automating the reporting and delivering stats via email helps clients stay on top of their site performance.  Here’s a section from the book AdWords Evolved about how to do it:

Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse with Analytics

Once you have Analytics set up, go ahead and configure it to email you weekly with stats about site performance. Here’s the easiest way to get started:

  1. Log in to Analytics
  2. Go to the “Dashboard” view
  3. Click the date range at the top right
  4. Find last week on the calendar
  5. Click the grey half-circle to the left of last week
  6. Click the checkbox next to Compare to past
  7. Click Apply.


Now what you see is last week’s data (probably empty if you just set up Analytics), compared with the previous week. This is a great start for watching your site. Now, let’s automate Analytics so it will email you this report every Monday:

  1. Click the Email link at the top of the report
  2. Click the Schedule tab
  3. If you want to send it to anyone else, enter their email address in the top box
  4. Leave Send to me checked
  5. Enter a subject and description, like:
    • Subject: Last week’s traffic for
    • Description: Here’s last week as compared with the previous week.
  6. Select whatever format you like. PDF is a good place to start.
  7. For Date Range/Schedule, select weekly
  8. Be sure to leave Include date comparison checked, so each email will include the right comparison data
  9. Click Schedule


That’s it! Now every week, Analytics will email you a PDF showing how last week compared with the one before that. This is a great reminder to check into what’s going on with your site. We set this up for every site we work on.  If weekly is too much, set it up monthly instead.

(This is a section from AdWords Evolved.  Most of the book is about AdWords, but setting up Analytics correctly is critical to AdWords success, so it’s covered as well.)

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