Google announced a new Tab for the AdWords interface entering beta for some U.S. English customers soon. They’re calling it the “Opportunities” tab, but in Google-speak, that means, “Ways you can give Google more money.” Let’s take a look at the available details and ideas that would truly benefit advertisers:

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Google has added a series of 6 videos on using the Search Based Keyword Tool (SbKT or SKTool) to their YouTube account. Here’s the first:

Great stuff, though they have to jump through some hoops at the end that my Missing Link tool (part of AdWords Evolved) makes much faster and more powerful.

8 Jul, 2009  |  Written by  |  under LEGO

img_0089This is an email I wrote to someone thinking of coaching a new Jr FIRST LEGO League team, and I thought others might find it useful:

Last year was my first, and it wasn’t that hard to run.  I’m sure other homeschool folks would be interested, and I think there was a homeschool team at last year’s Kansas City JrFLL competition.  Not sure who the coach was, though.

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