Jr. FLL Planning for 2009-2010

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I’ve been emailing with some new coaches, and thought this info might be helpful for planning.  I’ve included last year’s and this year’s budgets, and some ideas for how to get the best sets of equipment the cheapest.

For our first year, our budget looked like this:

$32.17    Shirts & Iron-Ons
$38.90    Markers, paper, folders
$70.81    LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions
$49.00    Activity Pack (new version)
$102.60    JrFLL Base Kit (roughly this)
$25.00    Team Registration

The Activity Pack is now $89 and there’s a second one for $49.  Highly recommended, and if you want to look at my copy of last year’s, you’re welcome to.

Our 2009-2010 budget is:

$25.00    Team Registration
$111.96    WeDo kit (either the JrFLL recommended one or the Homeschool WeDo set, which I think ends up cheaper)
$129.95    WeDo Activity Pack
$49.95    Advancing with Simple & Motorized Mechanisms (Note: the activities are kinda lame.  It also really wants to go with the W779686 set, which is new this year and has the build instructions needed for the “Advancing…” pack.  So, not a good fit for the JrFLL set from LAST year at all.  The CD does come with the build instructions, but I’ll have to print them out.)
$14.99    15″x15″ Base Plate
$19.13    Shipping
$50.00    Tackle Boxes for storage (Plano 1364, 1374?. Smaller soft-sided tackle box was annoying & not big enough.)
$25.00    LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions
$35.00    Team Shirts

So the main things we’re adding are WeDo and the Activity Pack for it.  Our kids are 8 and 9 now, so I think that’s going to be a really good fit.  For a younger team, the JrFLL Base Kit and the Activity Pack might be an easier start.

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