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I’ve been emailing with some new coaches, and thought this info might be helpful for planning.  I’ve included last year’s and this year’s budgets, and some ideas for how to get the best sets of equipment the cheapest.

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Hey, just checking in with my fellow JrFLL coaches! Our team is starting practice next week, and we have a second 3rd grade team starting at Valley Park Elementary. We’re using WeDo components this year, and planning to move up to NXT and FLL next year.

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I’ve got a client with a large number of SVG images of products.  The format works really well in a lot of ways, because the images are scalable and look great at any resolution. As usual, Internet Explorer is a thorn in our sides.  Today, it’s because IE doesn’t support PNG. Sheesh.

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Google announced a new Tab for the AdWords interface entering beta for some U.S. English customers soon. They’re calling it the “Opportunities” tab, but in Google-speak, that means, “Ways you can give Google more money.” Let’s take a look at the available details and ideas that would truly benefit advertisers:

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Google has added a series of 6 videos on using the Search Based Keyword Tool (SbKT or SKTool) to their YouTube account. Here’s the first:

Great stuff, though they have to jump through some hoops at the end that my Missing Link tool (part of AdWords Evolved) makes much faster and more powerful.

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img_0089This is an email I wrote to someone thinking of coaching a new Jr FIRST LEGO League team, and I thought others might find it useful:

Last year was my first, and it wasn’t that hard to run.  I’m sure other homeschool folks would be interested, and I think there was a homeschool team at last year’s Kansas City JrFLL competition.  Not sure who the coach was, though.

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Google Analytics is a great tool for measuring site performance, but all too many sites install it and then never look at the info.  We’ve found that automating the reporting and delivering stats via email helps clients stay on top of their site performance.  Here’s a section from the book AdWords Evolved about how to do it:

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Here’s a quick start to using Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool to find new, high-value, low-competition keywords on your existing site with zero work. To do this, we’ll use Google’s new “search based keyword tool”, SKTool.

Click over to:


Click ‘Sign in’ and sign in to your AdWords account.  (Screen shots below show a random site I’m not associated with.)

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Looking today at a client’s blog SEO, I noticed that they’ve got PageRank heading to their wp-login.php:


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Working today on a client site that had a couple of PageRank issues, I once again ran A1 Website Analyzer, and found a couple of interesting problems. Just let it scan the site, then click ‘Analyze website’ and ‘External’ to see how much on-site link love is headed off-site:


On this particular site, each page links to a customer support portal hosted by SalesForce.com. So by not using rel=”nofollow”, we’re sending all that tasty link juice to SalesForce. No good!

The way this link was set up, we were leaking as much PageRank to SalesForce as we send to our own 2nd-level pages.  Fixing this should help significantly.

The other problem is that the home page has lower on-site PageRank than other pages, but the solution for that will have to wait for another day.