9 Reasons Why the iPhone is Crazy Good

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I’ve gotten a lot of grief from family & friends about waiting 6 hours in line for the iPhone.  But now that the sunburn has subsided, I keep finding reasons that it was worth the hassle.  So, here are my 9 reasons the iPhone is Crazy Good:

  1. App Store.  The new Apple App Store provides hundreds of third-party applications for the iPhone. These increase the value of the device, and let you customize it to suit your needs.  There’s no reason most iPhone users need LightSaber (a free addon that makes light saber sounds when you swing the phone around), but it’s mission-critical for a big nerd like me.
  2. GPS.  The new iPhone GPS works flawlessly.  I have another GPS that’s useful, but it’s a dedicated device.  The iPhone can tag your photos with lat/long information about where the pic was taken.  That kind of integration is sweet.  The map also works well.  We were headed to a friend’s house for the first time, so I popped out the phone, it found where I was, and I asked how to get to my friend’s house.  It tracked our progress, and I could see clearly what to do next.  There’s even a “Where’d I park?” application that you can use to tag the location of your car before consuming expensive beer at a ball game.  Excellent, and included with a device I already have.
  3. Integration.  I was able to easily install iTunes on my WinXP laptop and synch my Outlook contacts & calendar in to the phone.  Doing this with Windows Mobile and Palm has been much harder with past devices.  I think I’ll now move from iPhone to Google contacts & calendar, but haven’t really decided yet.  (One thing that annoyed me is that my Windows 2000 machine isn’t supported by iTunes, but I’m seeing more and more of that, so it didn’t frustrate me all that much.)
  4. Web Browser.  This thing runs Safari, a full-featured web browser.  It does fancy CSS and JavaScript things my Windows Mobile phone balked at.  It also has “tabbed” browsing, so I can have several browser windows open at the same time.  This is both great and implemented very well.
  5. YouTube.  iPhone YouTube isn’t terribly “useful”, but at my son’s baseball game last weekend, someone mentioned a video they’d seen online that was hillarious.  I had it up on the phone in 30 seconds.
  6. Visual Voicemail.  If you haven’t seen an iPhone before, “visual voice mail” might be new.  When you have voice mail, it shows up in a list like email would.  You click ‘play’ to listen, and can act on the voicemail in the obvious ways.  The cool thing is that you can rewind the voicemail easily and write down information from it without having to replay the whole thing.  Excellent.
  7. Pandora. I’m a big fan of www.pandora.com, which is a free site that lets you build custom “radio stations” to listen to whatever kind of music you want.  When someone mentions a new band I want to check out, I always head to Pandora.  Now I have it on my iPhone, streaming personalized music free over my WiFi or 3G.
  8. WiFi. The iPhone does a great job of getting on to WiFi networks, and it saves a lot of battery life relative to 3G.
  9. Other Apps. A few other favorite apps I’ve tried so far:
  • Facebook: Not full-featured, but lets you update your status, see others’ status, chat, and use the fb inbox.
  • NearPics: Shows pictures taken near your current location.  Can’t wait to use this when I’m in DC soon.  It’s pretty slow currently, though.
  • Karajan: Ear training software.  I still have trouble telling a 4th from a 5th, but I’m getting better.  My wife is so embarrased by this, because she’s taken semester after semester of ear training & sight singing classes at conservatories.  She’s an ear snob.
  • Yelp: Nice application for finding things near where you are.  Works great for finding an interesting lunch place in a new part of town.

So, I’m still loving the iPhone thing.

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  1. tulsagentleman  |  September 4th, 2008 at 10:32 am #

    My favorite iPhone app is Simplify Media. Let’s me enjoy my full iTunes library anywhere on my iPhone.
    Urban Spoon is good for finding a local restaurant.

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