PageRank Sculpting: Don’t Send PageRank to wp-login.php

31 Mar, 2009  |  Written by  |  under SEO

Looking today at a client’s blog SEO, I noticed that they’ve got PageRank heading to their wp-login.php:


There was a stray sidebar link that didn’t have a rel=”nofollow” on it, so I made the change (using the WordPress in-browser theme editor):


A second link to the login page was at the bottom of each post.  The code change was in comments.php for the theme I was using:


Then I re-scanned using A1 Site Analyzer and PageRank is no longer flowing to that login page.

A simpler way to do this (but wasn’t an option on this particular site) is the Meta Robots plugin from Yoast.  Good stuff.

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